Concerned about a pupil? Need early help for a pupil or their family? If so, your Team Around the School could help.

Your Team Around the School can help you get help quickly. Just pick up the phone and talk to us about early help for pupils and families.

Examples of things your Team Around the School can help with include:

-Attendance and risk of exclusion.
-Mental health and wellbeing.
-Family finances and other need.

Access Team Around the School now:

1. Identify which professionals in your school should have access to Transform Team
Around the School dashboard (joined up data system) – this should include your
Headteacher and Deputy, Special Educational Needs Coordinator, Designated
Safeguarding Lead and Mental Health Lead

2. These professionals should then email and ask for “access 2” to the Team Around the School dashboard on Transform.

3. Return email will offer a training date. Once online training session is completed and 3 following DBS number and authorisation from Manager, an access link will be provided

Your Connect Somerset Champion can help you if you have any questions. For more information you can visit

Connect Somerset – Team Around the School

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January 25, 2024

Molly Venn