Managing change can be tricky for all of us, but for our children with SEND and their families it can be even more challenging.  Some of the biggest changes (and challenges) our children face in the early years can be moving from a home environment to nursery education setting, and then onwards to another setting or to school.  We recognise that whilst challenging, these changes also provide opportunities for supporting our children to learn about and manage transitions in other aspects of their lives too.

We are all about Transitions!

A massive thank you to everyone who joined us for our webinar ‘Celebrating the best transitions for children with SEND’. What a fantastic session, we absolutely loved your passion and commitment!

For those who couldn’t join, you can catch up below:

Webinar recording – Part 1

Webinar recording – Part 2


Have you worked out how much money the D.P. Inclusion Project can save your setting on quality training? For four years Somerset settings can receive free access to the modules… one year has nearly gone – are you committed to taking advantage of this opportunity?

Our Early Years Transitions Training Course – Dingley’s Promise,  aims to increase learners’ awareness of the needs of all children, and to increase their confidence in supporting the transition of children. Jack, a practitioner from Creations Childrens Centre in Calderdale talks about the positive impact our transitions training had for him, his setting, and the families that he works with in this video.

More training opportunities can be found at Dingley’s Promise Training – Dingley’s Promise

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May 11, 2023

Molly Venn