As we head towards the end of the academic year, Dingley’s Promise reminds us that transition should be seen as a marathon rather than a sprint.

Transitioning from an Early Years setting to school can often feel race-like as we plan tours, visits and meet the teacher opportunities, coordinate with professionals, and have School Entry Plans for children with SEND. However, we need to remember that the School Entry Plan is a meeting to coordinate the transition. As we slow down, we should reflect that the transition itself is much bigger than just a meeting and will affect the child, the family, the Early Years setting, and the school.

When we return in September with all those new Reception children ready and eager to “belong” to your school community, we recognize there will be challenges for everyone involved in the transition. We ask you to remain positive and flexible so that the process can be as positive as possible for everyone involved. Dingley’s Promise can help with this process – for free Dingley’s Promise transition training please sign up here: Early Years Inclusion Programme – Dingley’s Promise

Other free modules through Dingley’s Promise include “Introduction to Early Years Inclusive Practice”, “Behaviours that Challenge” and “Having Difficult Conversations”.

We also have some useful resources to support transition on our Early Years Area SENCo page. Early Years Area SENCos and Inclusion Advisers Resources | Support Services for Education

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July 20, 2023

Molly Venn