20th November 2023 marks UNICEF’s World Children’s Day: World Children’s Day is a day to celebrate the power of children to change the world.”

UNICEF reminds us that all children have a right to a voice. For some of our learners it can be challenging for them to get their voice heard; this is especially true of our youngest children with SEND. Dingley’s Promise is offering free training to Somerset practitioners on “The Voice of the Child”. It has practical tips, resources, suggestions on parent partnership, and opportunities to reflect and adapt your own practice.

Early Years settings and schools are being encouraged to celebrate during the week beginning 21 November. UNICEF are inviting children to use social media to share their voice using #IFeelIncluded.

If you would like to feel more confident in supporting children with SEND in your early years setting or Reception class Dingley’s Inclusion Programme is for you. You can sign up as an individual or as an Early Years setting, and you can decide on who will do each module within your setting and then share best practice amongst yourselves. Now is your chance to access FREE and ACCESSIBLE training to ensure you are ensuring your young people can say #IFeelIncluded.

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November 23, 2023

Molly Venn