If you are using sandbags/gel flood bags to protect your home from flooding, please dispose of them appropriately.

Where possible, sandbags and gel bags should be dried out for reuse. The best way to do this is to raise them off the ground whilst drying to help prevent mould from forming.

If this is not possible, the contents can be removed by splitting the bag and distributed/buried in your garden, the sacks can then be deposited in your refuse for onward incineration, the gel used in the bags is harmless and fully biodegradable.

Bags, of sand or gel, can also be taken to any of the county’s 16 recycling sites and should be deposited in the ‘landfill/non-recyclable skip.

Any sacks contaminated with raw sewage should be handled with care wearing gloves and washing your hands thoroughly afterwards. The sacks should be double-bagged and taken to your local recycling site for the ‘landfill/non-recyclable skip.

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January 27, 2023

Sophie H