Somerset Youth Forum is inviting all young people in Somerset aged 10-18 years (or up to 25 years with SEND) to a special session to discuss what young people need to have a happy and healthy childhood in Somerset. This event will be taking place on Wednesday 10th January, 5.30-7.00pm on Teams.

What’s good about growing up in Somerset? What are the barriers to a good childhood in Somerset? What do services need to provide for children and young people to be happy and prepared for adulthood?

We’ll be looking at these questions and a whole lot more! If you know a young person who’d like to sign up for this event, please visit

The things that young people tell us will be shared with the Children, Young People and Families Board and will aid in the shaping of policies that will directly benefit young people in Somerset. Every participant will receive a letter and a gift voucher, and their time at Youth Forum can go towards their Duke of Edinburg Award for volunteering.

If you’d like to get in contact with us or if you’d like to find out more about the event or Youth Forum, send us an email at

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December 20, 2023

Molly Venn