Don’t forget to bring photographic ID – that’s the message to people planning to vote in person at polling stations in elections for the new Taunton Parish Council on Thursday 4 May.

Acceptable forms of ID include a driving licence, passport or concessionary bus pass, as well as the Voter Authority Certificate (VAC) issued to those without other forms of ID. The full list of acceptable ID can be found here: The deadline to apply for a VAC has passed.

Polling stations open at 7am on 4 May and will close at 10pm. Details of the locations are included on poll cards and the Notice of Poll on Somerset Council’s website.

A total of 20 councillors are due to be elected to the new parish council which came into being on 1 April this year.

The date coincided with the launch of Somerset Council that replaces the former four district councils and Somerset County Council.

Elections for Somerset Council took place in May 2022 and members elected then now represent the 55 divisions (electoral areas) across the county for Somerset Council. Boundaries remain unchanged. There are two members for each division and people can find out who represents them by checking here

Other than Taunton Parish, there are no other elections in Somerset this May.

Post it note image saying you need photo ID to vote

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April 28, 2023

Debbie Rundle

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