Rowbarton Local Pantry in Taunton celebrated their 3rd birthday on Saturday 23 March.

Rowbarton is part of the Somerset Local Pantry Network (SLPN), who buy and collect surplus food and make it available to members for a low weekly fee. Each local pantry helps reduce food waste and makes food affordable for local families which saves them money.

The pantry is run by 14 dedicated volunteers and now supports 48 local households.

The pantry operates thanks to the support of the Rowbarton Methodist Church, which is also where it operates from, FareShare South West and a number of local retailers, including Morrisons.

Rowbarton have recently launched a new gift incentive which uses donated funds to host regular raffles of kitchen appliances to make it easier for members to turn surplus food into nutritious meals.

The pantry was recognised at  FareShare South West’s Social Impact Awards 2023, winning the Social and Community Award as members of the SLPN.

The team are always happy to hear from anyone wanting to volunteer or become a member, so please get in touch by emailing

SLPN is a partnership between Somerset Council, local community groups, food charity, FareShare South West.

Somerset Council provided initial grant money and support to help the launch of Local Pantries, but each pantry is independently run by voluntary sector groups, supporting each other as needed.

Food charity, Action Against Hunger, made a film about the Somerset pantries, highlighting the positive impact they make in communities. Watch it here: The Somerset Local Pantry Network (

Full details of SLPN can be found here: The Local Pantry Network in Somerset.

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March 25, 2024

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