We have created a list of Hard Cases and schools are being notified if one of the pupils in the school needs this additional focus to bring the issues that have been raised to a positive solution.

 As we progress this work we are learning some lessons about how to support schools and children better:

  • Schools and settings need good support when they are educating children with significant and complex needs
  • Where there are barriers that make including children in their school more challenging, more than one organisation needs to pull together to get to a solution
  • We have a greater number of children whose needs could be met at a special school than we have places available

 In relation to this final point, we need to act quickly to think differently about where some pupils could go to school. Any school who is willing and able to develop additional on-site provision to meet the needs of those with SEND should complete this survey and let us know. This will mean you have physical space in the school for this to be a viable option, and there are different forms it might take including a special school satellite model, an enhanced provision model or a resource base / unit model. If you are not sure, then please complete the survey so we can consider all options.


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May 22, 2024

Samantha Baker