The Ofsted Big Listen is currently underway, inviting valuable insights across various sectors, from schools to children’s social care.

The Ofsted Big Listen aims to gather feedback on Ofsted’s operations, focusing on areas such as reporting, inspection practices, culture, and impact. Whether individuals are parents, educators, or involved in any capacity with Ofsted’s services, their voices are crucial.

To access the Consultation and find out more information, visit Ofsted Big Listen – GOV.UK (

Ofsted Big Listen: children and young people survey can be found at Ofsted – Children’s Consultation ( It is for children of primary and secondary school age (up to 18 years old).  The questions are short, and it will only take 5 minutes to answer them.

Deadline: May 31, 2024, at 11:59 pm

Why Feedback Matters:
Ofsted acknowledges the challenges and criticisms it faces. The past year has been particularly challenging, prompting the launch of the Big Listen initiative. Ofsted is determined to address concerns and alleviate pressures.

How Individuals Can Help:
The Big Listen survey covers a broad spectrum of Ofsted’s work, including schools, teacher training, and early years. Ofsted is keen to hear individuals’ thoughts on reporting, inspection practices, culture, and impact. Participants have the flexibility to focus on areas that resonate with them the most.

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March 27, 2024

Molly Venn