Transitioning into adulthood can be an exciting phase for many young people. It brings new opportunities, choices, and a sense of independence. However, it’s not always easy to access all the information needed to make informed decisions for both young people and their families.

To address this challenge, we’re happy to introduce a set of new resources focused on post-16 options at Imagine the Possibilities ( Along with resources and guidance, there is also a page that is regularly updated with Supported Employment Vacancies. Take a look here: Vacancies (

These resources aim to support families, teachers, and students in understanding and navigating the transition from school to various post-16 pathways, especially for those with Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND).

Based on years of experience working with young people and families, Imagine the Possibilities has been developed to simplify the process and provide helpful insights. We hope you’ll find them useful as you prepare for the journey ahead!

Over the coming weeks we will be sharing resources, stories, and opportunities around internships and supported employment, so keep an eye on SEND News!

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February 29, 2024

Molly Venn