Dingley’s Promise provide training to mainstream Early Years settings, schools and Local Authorities that helps them to deliver inclusive practices to support children with SEND. Our inclusion training can help you become increase your awareness and confidence around of the needs of all children, especially those with SEND.

Did you know 99% of learners across the country who have completed modules would recommend this training to others, with 91% reporting that they feel more confident about inclusion because of the training? This is great news for our young children with SEND!

A huge congratulations!

For completing all 4 modules so far – staff from:

  • Cheddar First Preschool
  • Brock House Day Nursery

For completing 3 of the 4 modules so far – staff from:

  • Bridgwater College Academy
  • Hassockmoor Childcare
  • Yeovil Opportunity Group
  • Little Owls Nursery
  • Bouncy Bear Childcare

Are you registered? Have you started a module yet?

There are 235 learners registered on modules In Somerset. This is 7.74% of our early years practitioner workforce. There are 72 completed modules. There are 77 people who have registered but never logged in.

Please do start as soon as you can, taking it one module at a time. Each module takes about 5 hours and would normally cost £50 – you get this for FREE! Modules are online and you can pause at any point. Why not aim for an hour per week?

If you want to start some FREE training modules please sign up at Dingley’s Promise Training – Dingley’s Promise – let them know you are from a participating local authority and this will save you £50 per module per person. What an opportunity!

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June 22, 2023

Molly Venn