Our March meeting was jam-packed with really interesting topics! In the morning, we had a session with Chloe from Preparing for Adulthood (PFA) team to have a discussion with our members about the transition into adulthood options for young people with SEND. We will be continuing our work with Chloe in later months so we will update further on our work then.

Our afternoon session was a priority item from our 2024 priorities. We thought it would be interesting to share some of the discussions that took place and what we took to the Strategic Partnership Board for our March Lived Experience agenda item.

The agenda item was: ‘Impact of Change’.

What do we mean by ‘Impact of change’?

  • How is our voice making a difference?
  • What is being changed because of us?
  • We want feedback from professional on the voice we’re sharing with them.
  • The ‘so, what?’ element.

Why is it important to us to hear back about what we’ve shared?

  • To keep families in the loop
  • Because we’ve shared our feelings and concerns but met with silence and that’s a daily occurrence à members said they feel numb to it.
  • “I feel like they don’t know what to do with us.”
  • “..if you aren’t going to listen then we’ll not be here to share our voice.”
  • Hearing feedback means our point of view is understood.
  • Following through with actions
  • If we are met with silence about our lived experience, it feels as if we’ll never get anything back.

How do we want feedback from professionals?

  • Updates regarding the topic – whether that’s a letter, email, recorded video or even face to face.
  • Evidence of the work taking place, such as a poster that’s been developed.

Our thoughts for the board to consider:

  • How can we ensure that the ‘feedback cycle’ is being closed by the young people receiving feedback on the lived experience they share?
  • Would board members be willing to attend Unstoppables meetings to give updates on a topic if it is appropriate to do so?

April’s meeting is looking to be busy again with work to continue the topic of transitions into adulthood and our priority topic is School Avoidance.


Our next meeting is Saturday 6th April 2024. If you or someone you know would like to be a member of the Unstoppables then follow the link to our form Expression of Interest to join The Unstoppables (office.com) 😊

Similarly, If you or a young person you know wants more information about how they can join the Unstoppables, or be part of our work they/you can contact us via email (SENDParticipationTeam@somerset.gov.uk) or via phone/What’s App (07976 809 773).

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March 27, 2024

Molly Venn