The Somerset Parent Carer Forum CIC is excited to share some wonderful news – the organisation has secured funding from The National Lottery Community Fund, a supporter of community projects across the UK.

The Forum is thrilled to have been granted £386,670 over a span of 5 years from The National Lottery Community Fund. This funding will play a crucial role in the Forum’s ongoing efforts to provide essential support to parent carers within Somerset.

The primary focus of this grant is to expand the peer-to-peer support groups available to parent carers. Recognising the unique challenges faced by those caring for children with additional needs, the Forum aims to combat isolation and provide a welcoming and understanding environment for families. This financial support will help strengthen the sense of community and solidarity among parent carers.

In addition, the grant will enable the Forum to introduce a more personalised form of assistance through the incorporation of two new Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) navigators. These professionals will offer one-on-one guidance, aiding parent carers in navigating the complexities that come with caring for children with specific requirements.

Thank you to The National Lottery Community Fund for its recognition and support!

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September 21, 2023

Samantha Baker