The SEND strategy, developed through engagement with children, young people, and families, outlines the delivery and leadership of services for the next three years. It builds upon the Written Statement of Action and involves the Somerset SEND Local Area Partnership, which includes various stakeholders.

The partnership aims to make a positive difference by meeting the goals of the SEND charter. The strategy focuses on themes such as working together, early intervention, access to appropriate support, and preparing for the future.

The SEND Joint Strategic Needs Assessment, conducted in 2022, emphasizes the importance of addressing social, emotional, and mental health, improving joint commissioning, and conducting further research on specific needs.

You can find more detailed information at SEND Strategy and our plans.

You can read the strategy at: The SEND Strategy.

Easy Read version: SEND Strategy Easy Read

the SEND Strategy cover with photo of two children

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December 18, 2023

Molly Venn