We hope the transition to school has gone well for your early year’s children. The Early Years Area SENCos are prioritising School Entry Plan Reviews (SEPR) for children who may need continued support from our service for transition. The SEPR is an important part of the transition process for children with SEND and their parents/carers.

Please email the completed SEPR paperwork (review and completed plan) as normal and send it back to your Early Years Area SENCO for all the children who were known to our service where a SEP was carried out, whether school led or Area SENCO led, so that this can be kept on the individual child’s file.

This year we have produced a new FORMS questionnaire for schools and are looking forward to hearing your feedback and views by 20th November 2023 about this years’ School Entry Planning process. This specific feedback about SEPs will be extremely valuable for us as we continue to evaluate our work in the Early Years SEND Service. Here is the Microsoft FORMS link https://forms.office.com/e/K3wZkwBwFK

You can also give more general feedback here regarding Inclusion Services (How did we do? (office.com)

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October 20, 2023

Molly Venn