Somerset Libraries will be launching its new Neurodiversity book collection next month to coincide with the start of Autism Acceptance Week. In addition, a special author event will be taking place at Yeovil library on 20 April when local neurodivergent writer Hannah Walker will speak about her latest book Mess is Progress.

The new book collection replaces the pioneering Somerset Autism Collection, which was created in 2015. In the last nine years, research and writing about autism has grown and the new collection will showcase the best of this. The list of books is available on Somerset Libraries website.

It will also cover a wider range of conditions associated with neurodiversity, including ADHD, demand avoidance, dyslexia, and dyspraxia.

The collection includes 50 books and aims to provide ‘something for everyone’ including books for children, young people, adults, parents, women, and those without an official diagnosis but who experience neurodivergent traits. The collection will be shelved at 20 libraries across Somerset, in varying collection size, but will be available to request for free from any Somerset Library. Books will have a longer six-week loan period and there will be no late fees payable on them.

Autism Acceptance Week runs from 2-8 April and to support people with autism and their families to cope with some of the challenges they face. Tickets for the author event are free but need to be booked via

Further information is available here: World Autism Acceptance Week 2024

Library bookshelf display of children's neurodiversity books

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March 27, 2024

Molly Venn