Recent events across the world show that communities come together when facing an emergency or natural disaster. Everyone knows someone who they turn to in situations and volunteers are often at the centre of our communities. That is why the Somerset Prepared partnership is calling for nominations for the Community Resilience Award 2023.

These awards recognise people or groups who have gone above and beyond to help their community be better able to deal with emergencies.
Nominations for these awards are now open for these awards can be made at Somerset Prepared: Community Resilience Award 2023 ( before 7th September 2023.

The Awards will be a key element of the annual Somerset Prepared Community Day, which will be held at Wincanton Racecourse on Thursday, October 5th. The partners welcome local people to celebrate Somerset’s community emergency volunteers, with workshops, presentations, and equipment demonstrations.

As well as learning about how to prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies, this event will give the opportunity to connect with emergency services, community organisations, voluntary groups and other like-minded individuals.

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August 14, 2023

Melissa Webb



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