Is 2023 the year you want to try something new? We know when the new year rings in resolutions are made. Perhaps yours could be becoming an Unstoppables member or sharing this with children and young people with SEND who you know or work with so that they could become a member?  

Who are we?  

  • We are young people aged 13-25 with special educational needs and/or disabilities. We make our voices heard to help make changes in Somerset. 

What do we do? 

  • We help teams in the council and the NHS to understand the needs of children and young people, so that this can help them develop the right services for them 
  • Our members want to help make positive changes for children/young people with SEND so they don’t have to go through the same experiences some members have been through.  
  • Give a platform to children and young people with SEND to have their voice heard.   
  • Attend events to broaden the voice of the child and show who we are  
  • We make posters, leaflets, and other things to help professionals help us  

How does it help the wellbeing of young people?  

  • Gives children and young people a platform to be heard as is their right through the UN Convention on the Rights of the child article 12  
  • To socialise with peers  
  • Meet new people 
  • Develop skills such as critical thinking, how to express their opinion and debating skills, become more confident and improve communication skills.  
  • Raises their self-esteem. 

Why do we enjoy coming? (Our members have answered that…) 

  • We get to plan our day and communicate about things that are important to us.  
  • We help other young people have a voice.  
  • The group is completely inclusive – we do our best to meet everyone’s needs.  
  • Being around others with SEND.  
  • It’s safe and confidential  
  • We eat food together!  
  • We have fun!  

Come and join us! Do you: 

  • Feel passionate about making changes to help other young people in the same position?  
  • Like decision making and solving problems?  
  • Enjoy working and listening to others’ opinions?  
  • Feel it is important to be able to express your thoughts and opinions. 

We want to hear your views on things that matter to you, so come and join us!  

We meet on the first Saturday of every month, 11.00am-3.00pm  

To find out more, please email the team  

Or phone/message/WhatsApp Sian Wyeth on 07976 809 773  

@SENDParticipationTeam @sendparticipation 

 Or complete our online form

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January 9, 2023