Worried about not receiving your postal vote for the General Election on 4 July? Don’t be, they are still in the process of being sent out.

Some residents will have already received theirs, but with increased numbers of people asking for postal votes, Somerset Council are still working through the requests. So, there is no need for concern if you haven’t received yours yet.

Postal votes receive a speedy service from Royal Mail and are easily identified by the purple flashes marked on the envelopes to avoid delays.

Please ensure you send your postal vote with Royal Mail by Wednesday 3 July, before the last collection of the day. Some post boxes are emptied at 5pm, so ensure you check local collection times here: Services near you | Royal Mail Group Ltd.

Visit Royal Mail’s website for full details of how to send your postal vote: Postal Voting | Royal Mail Group Ltd.

A classic Royal Mail postbox with someone posting a document

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July 1, 2024

Jade Chant

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