March’s meeting started with an activity by Barney from Young Somerset; he came in to do some research with us. His research was on how young people would like care workers, nurses, and doctors to act when they interact with them, for example, being friendly and compassionate. Also, what they have experienced with these professionals.  The way that he did this was through an activity where we had to draw a person and then think of the good and bad things people that work in the care system can do.  This was a good way to get the Unstoppables engaged and working in a team.

After lunch the Unstoppables played an icebreaker that was a memory game, the list of objects was massive by the end.

We then reviewed a draft questionnaire form to see if it was accessible for people and young people aged 11 to 25 and for people with SEND. This was a good activity because it made us think about what other young people may need for the form to be accessible, we will then feedback to HealthWatch who asked us to have a look.

Then the Unstoppables discussed what it is like to have an EHCP, overall opinions were a mixture of good and bad experiences. When I was in school, I didn’t know what an EHCP was and if I had one. We will be taking our lived experience surrounding our experiences with EHCP to the SEND Strategic Partnership Board meeting in May.


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March 20, 2023