Somerset’s Graduated Response Tool and Supporting Templates have been reviewed and updated in response to feedback. We would really welcome your feedback on these updates and how clear you now find the tool to be.

Updates include:

  • A new ‘Tools for identification of need’ column to support schools with early identification of specific needs through screening and assessment.
  • New templates document to calculate whole school and individual pupil SEN funding and an updated ‘Funding’ page within the Tool on the use of the Notional funding
  • Revised templates to document a graduated response to SEN including Pupil Passports, Universal Barriers, and Strategies Records, Assess, Plan, Do, Review cycles.
  • Streamlining of content so that the focus is on what should be ordinarily available in all schools to support SEN.
  • Updates to signposting pages which include training opportunities, guidance documents and external organisations who can support around SEN for children and young people, parent carers and professionals.

To give us your feedback, please use this link: Feedback on the updated School Age Somerset Graduated Response Tool (SGRT) – Somerset Council – Citizen Space

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October 20, 2023

Molly Venn