Voters in the Taunton Parish Council area receiving their poll cards for the 4 May elections will notice they look different this year due to the introduction of Voter ID.

The election to Taunton Parish Council coincides with the launch of a government scheme requiring people voting in person at polling stations to provide proof of their identity.

The poll cards make it clear that voters must provide photographic ID and set out the list of acceptable forms of ID, including a passport, driving licence, older person’s bus pass or a Voter Authority Certificate (VAC) for those without any of the acceptable proofs of identity.

It is easy for people to apply for a certificate, as long as they are registered to vote. The VAC is free of charge and can be applied online here. Paper forms are also available to download, or you can ask Somerset Council’s electoral team for a form.

 The deadline for applications is 5 pm on Tuesday 25 April.

Those needing help with applying for the free ID or who want to request an application form should contact the electoral services team at 01823 358692.

Voters will be electing 20 councillors for 14 wards in the new parish council, the first serving Taunton for almost 50 years.

The new parish council will be responsible for street care and cleaning, parks, and open spaces (excluding Vivary Park), toilets, events, allotments, and the Mayoralty and will be able to comment on planning applications.

Nominations have closed for candidates wanting to stand as councillors – the list is available here

Post it note image saying you need photo ID to vote

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April 19, 2023

Debbie Rundle

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