Somerset Council is pleased to announce the appointment of SWH (Taylor Woodrow) Ltd as contractors for the delivery of Yeovil’s Active Travel schemes, integral to the town’s programme of regeneration – the Yeovil Refresh – and improving the town’s transport network.

Focussing on Yeovil’s central streets, the schemes aim to deliver improved accessibility and connectivity for all users – whether by road, bike or on foot – across Yeovil Town Centre. Complementing the public realm improvements in these core streets, work will focus on improving connectivity through and around the town centre, making walking, cycling and wheeling into the town centre much easier, improving safety for all as they travel into the centre of town.

This will see the delivery of new infrastructure and enhancements to the active travel network in the areas of Hendford, South Western Terrace, Central Road and Middle Street. These schemes will extend the links from existing routes which run along the southern edge of the town centre. The scheme is funded from external grants specific to the town centre and representing an investment of £1.2m.

Cllr Richard Wilkins, Lead Member for Transport and Digital commented:

“This is an exciting next phase in the regeneration of Yeovil. By improving the road network, extending cycle and walkways and introducing new wayfinding systems, our aim is to open up access to green spaces – ultimately creating a sustainable and fit for purpose 21st century town.

Key to the design has been the prevention of loss or damage to trees along the southern part of scheme, in addition to the retainment of a London Plane located at the junction of Hendford Grove and Hendford.”

Toby Lander, Operations Manager for South West Highways (SWH) added:

“We are pleased and grateful to be continuing our partnership with Somerset Council by working on this exciting next phase of Yeovil’s regeneration. After completing works on Westminster Street, High Street and the Borough and with our works on Middle Street and Wyndham Street nearing an end, we are looking forward to maintaining our relationship with Somerset Council on the Hendford project. As always, we would like to thank all local businesses and residents for their patience during these works.”

The programme of works started in May and is due to complete in October/November.

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July 9, 2024

Gayatri Barua-Howe

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