Preparing for adult lifeStaying safe and healthy

Stay safe and know what to avoid

Business, Industry and Supply Chain
Climate and Ecological EmergencyClimate strategy areas

We are asking everyone who runs a business in Somerset to consider ways in which their business can help tackle climate change

Textiles and fashion
Bins, recycling and wasteReuse and reduce waste

Information and advice about how to increase the lifespan of our clothing

Yeovil Refresh News

The latest news about Yeovil Refresh and associated projects.

Bonfires and wood burners
Environment Health and food safetyNoise, smoke and other nuisance

Environmental Health can investigate complaints of smoke, fumes and gases under the remit of the Environmental Protection Act 1990

Report a missed collection
Bins, recycling and wasteRecycling and waste collections

If your collection has been missed, you can report it here

Getting around Kingsfield
Planning, buildings and landGetting Around Somerset

For residents of Kingsfield, Glastonbury to help you make sustainable travel choices getting around the local area

Getting Around Agusta Park
Planning, buildings and landGetting Around Somerset

Information for residents of Agusta Park, Yeovil to help with sustainable travel around the local area

Norton St Philip Neighbourhood Plan

Publication of further modifications to the Norton St Philip Neighbourhood Plan following Court of Appeal Judgement.

Our performance
Finance, performance and legalOur data, policy and performance

Includes information regarding our performance