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It's important to appeal as soon as possible when applying for planning permission to ensure that your Community Infrastructure Levy liability is calculated correctly.

Community Infrastructure Levy Appeals Process

Community Infrastructure Levy Appeals Process

It’s important that you submit Form 1 and Form 2 (Community Infrastructure Levy Process and Forms page) as soon as possible when applying for planning permission to ensure that your CIL liability is calculated correctly.

We will issue your CIL Liability Notice as soon as practicable after planning permission permits the CIL chargeable development.

If you disagree with this notice, you must first request a review under Section 113 of the Community Infrastructure Levy Regulations. To do this, email planningobligations@somerset.gov.uk stating why you think the liability notice is incorrect. If this does not resolve the issue you may appeal direct to the Valuation Office Agency.

The following appeals can be made during the CIL process:

  • chargeable amount review
  • chargeable amount appeal
  • apportionment of liability appeal
  • charitable relief appeal
  • exemption for residential annexes appeal
  • exemption for self-build housing appeal
  • surcharge appeal
  • deemed commencement appeal
  • CIL stop notice appeal
  • Pre-Community Infrastructure Levy permissions ‘amended’ when CIL in effect appeal in relation to notional relief.

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