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An Infrastructure Funding Statement is a summary of contributions received from developers to support a new development

Infrastructure Funding StatementsTown and Parish Council CIL Reports

Infrastructure Funding Statements

Infrastructure Funding Statements (IFS) provide a summary of the monetary (and non-monetary) contributions relating to Community Infrastructure Levy and Section 106 Legal Agreements sought and received from developers for the provision of infrastructure to support new development.

The Infrastructure Funding Statement must set out the projects which the council intends to be funded by Community Infrastructure Levy and Section 106 obligations, and detail how much has been collected, spent and the funded projects to date.

The council is required to publish online each year an Infrastructure Funding Statement by 31 December. Before the creation of Somerset Council, statements were produced by the former authorities for their geographical areas.



Somerset West and Taunton

South Somerset


Town and Parish Council CIL Reports

Within the areas that charge Community Infrastructure Levy, a proportion of Community Infrastructure Levy is given to Town and Parish Councils (meaningful proportion) as set out in Regulation 59 of the Community Infrastructure Levy Regulations.

For areas where there is no neighbourhood plan in place, 15% of Community Infrastructure Levy receipts from development within that Town/Parish area are given up to a maximum of £100 per council tax dwelling per annum. This rises to 25% where a neighbourhood plan is in place. See the list of made Neighbourhood Plans.

If a parish council has received a neighbourhood proportion of Community Infrastructure Levy, they must also provide an annual report. These should be published on parish council websites.

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