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Greenspaces are essential to healthy and vibrant local communities. This audit provides a catalogue of greenspaces in the towns, villages and hamlets of the District.



The audit updates previous open space studies undertaken in 2008 and 2012 and consolidates and aligns with the assessment work carried out whilst preparing the Local Plan Part 1 and Local Plan Part 2.

The Open Space Audit (2021) represents a new baseline to inform policy making.

The audit uses a new typology for open spaces set out in Table 1.

The Audit also catalogues open spaces which have been identified by Local Plan policies DP2 or DP16.

The Audit does not designate new areas to be covered by Local Plan policies as this can only take place as part of the preparation of a Local Plan.

The Audit provides maps and a schedule for each category of open space.

The maps and Schedules are being updated to reflect changes agreed at Cabinet, prior to adoption of the SPD. Sites added at Cabinet but not yet shown on the settlement maps, are shown in the column titled “Cabinet Maps”.

Please see the Cabinet Report in the Downloads section for additional details.

See the Greenspace Mapping and Audit table at full width
Town/Village/Hamlet MapScheduleCabinet maps Cabinet Updating

Frome North

Frome South

Frome Audit
Glastonbury Glastonbury North
Glastonbury South
Glastonbury Schedule
Shepton Mallet Shepton Mallet East
Shepton Mallet West
Shepton Mallet Schedule

Map 21 – Manship Green, Shepton Mallet – SHEP_1042

Map 22 – Clover Ground, Shepton Mallet – SHEP_1043

Map 23 – Shepton Mallet Webber Road

Map 24 – Starling Way, Shepton Mallet

Map 25 – Sherring Road, Shepton Mallet

Map 26 – Canaries Path, Shepton Mallet

Map 27 – Shepton Mallet Land East of A371

Street Street North
Street South
Street Schedule
Wells Wells East
Wells Central
Wells West
Wells Schedule

Map 32 – St Cuthbert Out – Multi User Path – WELL-SCO_1077

Map 33 – Removal of WELL_1041 from Cathedral – Wells

Map 34 – Changing Wells Blue School to WELL_302

Map 35 – Rugby Club Wells

Map 36 – Amendment to Wells Blue School

Map 37 – Amendment to St Joseph Primary School Wells

Map 38 – Amendment to The Liberty Wells – WELL_1043

Map 39 – Stoberry Park School Amendments

Map 40 – Addition of Keward Avenue Wells

Baltonsborough Baltonsborough Map Baltonsborough Schedule

Map 1 – Baltonsbough Addition – BALT_3011

Batcombe Batcombe Map Batcombe Schedule
Beckington Beckington Map Beckington Schedule
Binegar/Gurney Slade Binegar/Gurney Slade Map Binegar/Gurney Slade Schedule
Buckland Dinham Buckland Dinham Map Buckland Dinham Schedule
Butleigh Butleigh Map Butleigh Schedule
Chantry Chantry Map Chantry Schedule
Chewton Mendip Chewton Mendip Map Chewton Mendip Schedule
Chilcompton Chilcompton Map Chilcompton Schedule
Coleford Coleford Map Coleford Schedule

Map 3 – Land at Stockhill Court – Goodeaves – COLE_1026

Map 4 – Goodeaves North, Coleford – COLE_1025

Map 2 – Beacon View – Coleford – COLE_1022

Map 6 – Coleford – British Legion Lawn – COLE_3024

Map 5 – Cemetery Coleford – COLE_1023

Coxley Coxley Map Coxley Schedule
Cranmore Cranmore Map Cranmore Schedule
Croscombe Croscombe Map Croscombe Schedule
Dinder Dinder Map Dinder Schedule
Ditcheat Ditcheat Map Ditcheat Schedule
Draycott Draycott Map Draycott Schedule
Doulting Doulting Map Doulting Schedule
Dulcote Dulcote Map Dulcote Schedule
East Horrington East Horrington Map East Horrington Schedule
Easton Easton Map Easton Schedule
Evercreech Evercreech Map Evercreech Schedule
Faulkland Faulkland Map Faulkland Schedule
Great Elm Great Elm Map Great Elm Schedule
Henton Henton Map Henton Schedule
Holcombe Holcombe Map Holcombe Schedule
Kilmersdon Kilmersdon Map Kilmersdon Schedule
Lamyatt Lamyatt Map Lamyatt Schedule
Leigh on Mendip Leigh on Mendip Map Leigh on Mendip Schedule

Map 16 – Leigh on Mendip Additions – LEIG_1007, 1008 and 1009

Litton Litton Map Litton Schedule
The Lydfords Lydfords Map Lydfords Schedule
Meare/Westhay Meare Map Meare Schedule
Mells Mells Map Mells Schedule

Map 17 – Mells Green Change from Typology 2 to 3

North Wootton North Wootton Map North Wootton Schedule
Norton St Philip Norton St Philip Map Norton St Philip Schedule

Map 18 – Norton St Philip Update to NORT_3015

Map 19 – Norton St Philip Change to NORT_1010

Norton St Philip – Change to NORT_2001

Norton St Philip – Change to NORT_1007

Nunney Nunney Map Nunney Schedule
Oakhill Oakhill Map Oakhill Schedule
Pilton Pilton Map Pilton Schedule
Priddy Priddy Map Priddy Schedule
Rode Rode Map Rode Schedule

Map 20 – Addition to RODE_1006 – Rode

Rodney Stoke Rodney Stoke Map Rodney Stoke Schedule
Stoke St Michael Stoke St Michael Map Stoke St Michael Schedule

Map 28 – Stoke St Michael – STOK_1008 and STOK_3012

Map 29 – Stoke St Michael – STOK_1007 and STOK_3013

Map 30 – Stoke St Michael – STOK_2011

Map 31 – Stoke St Michael – STOK_1010

Ston Easton Ston Easton Map Ston Easton Schedule
Stratton on the Fosse Stratton on the Fosse Map Stratton on the Fosse Schedule
Upton Noble Upton Noble Map Upton Noble Schedule
Walton Walton Map Walton Schedule
Wanstrow Wanstrow Map Wanstrow Schedule
Westbury Sub Mendip Westbury Sub Mendip Map Westbury Sub Mendip Schedule
West Horrington West Horrington Map West Horrington Schedule
West Pennard West Pennard Map West Pennard Schedule
Whatley Whatley Map Whatley Schedule
Witham Friary Witham Friary Map Witham Friary Schedule
Wookey Wookey Map Wookey Schedule
Wookey Hole Wookey Hole Map Wookey Hole Schedule
Others Bagborough Map
Hemington Map
Marston Bigot Map
Norton Radstock Map

Index of Map Amendments PDF

Index of Map Amendments XLSX

St Andrew’s Stream Walk Update to Polygon

Kidder Bank

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Next review due: April 23, 2024

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