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Saxonvale update, 2 May 2024
Somerset Council remains committed to delivering the best possible outcome at the Saxonvale site, for the residents of Frome and Somerset as a whole. The Council is currently exploring options for the site’s future, including approaching the current interested parties seeking offers to acquire the site and exploring proposed schemes.

The former Mendip District Council took a bold and unusual move to buy a long-term empty site in Frome town centre for regeneration. This was known locally as Saxonvale.

The council purchased three plots of land next to one another that were owned by Notts Industries, Terramond and Frome Town Council. The combined land amounts to around 12 acres.

Somerset Council wants to deliver a high quality commercial and urban living development which will provide a mix of uses and accommodation. This is to help meet current housing demand and options are being considered on how best to deliver this.

The vision for Saxonvale is: ‘A generational opportunity to deliver an exemplar development on the banks of the River Frome. High quality design taking the historic grain of Frome as its starting point, and delivering a vibrant, mixed use neighbourhood, with flexible commercial and employment space, high quality public realm, and homes for all ages’.

The overall principle of the vision is to create a vibrant, high quality and sustainable development.

Last reviewed: May 2, 2024 by Paul

Next review due: November 2, 2024

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