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The Place Plan will look at potential options for future growth to support housing and employment needs - retail and commercial function, transport systems, and culture and heritage.



The former Somerset West and Taunton Council prepared a Place Plan for Wellington (including a Sustainability Assessment Scoping Report), to inform decisions about the development, regeneration and conservation of the town, and to be a long-term strategy for the future of Wellington. It will also inform the future Somerset Local Plan.

The Wellington Place Plan was adopted on 28 March 2023, by Somerset West and Taunton’s Full Council. The document has the status of a material consideration and will be referred to in determining planning applications and considering regeneration and conservation activities, to ensure we are protecting and enhancing the quality of place in Wellington.

The adoption of the Wellington Place Plan follows a public consultation, from 23 January to 20 February 2023, and a community visioning exercise in October 2022. The final Plan was reviewed and updated following these activities.

Last reviewed: October 2, 2023 by William

Next review due: April 2, 2024

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