Before any minor works are carried out on or adjacent to the public highway you must get a licence from us.

We have recently reviewed the cost of licence fees for applications to work on the highway and for the provision of vehicle crossings over footways and verges. The review confirmed the cost of the licence fees have not kept pace with the costs for administration. Regrettably, this is unsustainable. As such, the fees will be raised as detailed below.

The following charges will apply to:

  • Application for minor works on or near the public highway – subject to planning conditions, for example, a waiting bay – £250.00
  • Application for minor works (involving excavations) on or near the public highway – £232.00
  • Application for the deposition of materials (including work equipment, building materials, rubbish and other things) – £50.00
  • Application for a vehicle crossings over footways and verges (Highways Act 1980, Section 184 Licence) – £218

We will also be making a number of improvements to the way we process licences.