This service is available to developers, agents or individuals looking to secure planning consent.

When a developer, agent or applicant asks our viewpoint on a specific development proposal, we will check our records and respond with our view, being mindful of the relevant policy guidance and site history.

We will provide comments on any highway works that may be required as part of the proposed development.

When contacting us please provide:

  • The application number, if known
  • Site location or name
  • Applicant’s details
  • An overview of the development proposal

You can also check the Local Planning Authority websites using the links under the Information and resources section to see any highway observations that have been made on a specific application or development proposal. The most up to date plans relating to a development can also be viewed and downloaded.

Once Highway Authority observations have been made, if you wish to appeal against any advice please refer to the Highway Advice Appeal Procedure in the Downloads section

We provide the Highway Authority’s response to all development proposals in Somerset, ranging from a single property to major development proposals. We provide formal transportation advice on over 9000 planning applications each year. We seek, where possible, financial contributions towards major schemes as well as securing physical works from developers to enable the delivery of new highway infrastructure as a result of development.

The Planning Liaison Team provides the Highway Authority response to development proposals that have an impact on the Highway Network. This can be as part of the planning application process or as part of a pre-application consultation.