We maintain a ‘List of Streets’ which identifies all roads (or parts) that we are responsible for maintaining as highway at public expense. This is available for inspection, free of charge at County Hall, Taunton, and local District Council offices. You can also find the List of Streets in Downloads. This List of Streets should not be relied on to decide the extents of adopted highway for search purposes.

When a road is adopted as highway maintainable at public expense, the boundary of the road is defined so that we can identify land which is considered part of the public highway. These records are held on a comprehensive plan-based system, shown on Ordnance Survey maps.

If you wish to contact us to find out if we are responsible for looking after a particular section of road, we will provide you with a copy of the record. There is a charge of £40 including VAT to provide an extract of the Road Records and £7 including VAT for each extra question asked.

We aim to fulfil your request within 10 working days.