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Our vision for healthy and active communities, with a good-quality cycling and walking experience for all

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In Somerset, we have ambitious aspirations for active travel improvements. Our vision is to see healthy and active communities, with a good-quality cycling and walking experience for all users. We want Somerset to be a County where everyone feels welcome and comfortable, whichever mode of transport they use. We understand the positive links between active travel, our physical and mental health, the environment, air quality and climate change.

However, in recent times we haven’t had the funding available to allow us to deliver our aspiration and active travel hasn’t had the priority it deserves. With central government’s current new emphasis on sustainable and active travel we are now taking this opportunity to bid for funds and invest in active travel across Somerset. In order to get this investment right it’s important we continue developing relationships with our stakeholders and communities and deliver and promote active travel together.

What we are doing

New Active Travel Strategy

We are developing a new Active Travel Strategy to reflect the new emphasis in this area and ensure we deliver a strategy that works locally. We have been working alongside our Public Health and Climate Emergency colleagues, as well as others to review our current strategy but we will soon be undertaking a public consultation to get the views of all people that live, work and travel in Somerset. Please look out for details (expected early 2022).

Local Walking and Cycling Infrastructure Plans

Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plans (LCWIPs) are focused 10-year plans for developing a cycling and walking network within a local area. We have currently developed three LCWIPs: one each for Bridgwater, Taunton and Yeovil and further LCWIPs are being planned. You can find more information on our Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIPs) page.

Modeshift Stars

Somerset Council and Somerset Activity and Sports Partnership (SASP) have teamed up with Modeshift STARS to give all schools the opportunity to be recognised for supporting sustainable and active travel by developing a School Travel Plan through the Modeshift STARS Education Accreditation Programme.

You can find out more on our Modeshift STARS website.

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