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If you want to change the surface of the public right of way, you must get our authorisation



Surfaces of public rights of way are occasionally shared with private use for access to agricultural and residential properties. Landowners sometimes want to improve their access by changing the surface. If this affects the surface of the public right of way, you must seek our authorisation.

Please contact us if you wish to discuss changing the surface of a public right of way. In most cases we are responsible for the surface of public rights of way.

Anybody can apply to change the surface of a public right of way as long as they have the written consent of all landowners and third parties affected.

Your application will be investigated. If authorisation is granted, we may impose conditions around the types of materials used, the future maintenance of the surface and associated drainage.

Applications are usually determined in 4 to 6 weeks.

There is a charge of £90 for each route applied for.

Authorisation of changes to surfacing is covered in the Maintenance and Enforcement Policy.

Last reviewed: March 31, 2023 by Jenny

Next review due: October 1, 2023

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