Report mud on the road

We maintain the highway network in a safe and accessible condition for highway users by:

  • Preventing, wherever possible, mud from being brought onto the highway
  • Minimising the problems with related flooding and surface water drainage systems serving the highway

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In Somerset, we expect some mud on roads, particularly in areas where farming is a major activity. But it is an offence to leave mud and other material on the road, and people who do so may be liable to prosecution and for the cost of cleaning it up.

If mud constitutes a danger or obstruction, action may be required to have it removed. Whether any action is taken will depend on how much and where the mud is.

Reporting a problem outside of our hours

If you need to report a problem outside of our normal working hours (Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm) and you believe it is urgent and a risk to public safety, please phone 0300 123 2224.

Please phone reports of mud on ‘A’ class roads (for example A38) straight to the police on 101.

Soil run-off

We are responsible for ensuring that any soil washed onto the highway that is likely to represent a danger to highway users is removed. Where possible we recharge the costs to the landowner (when the problem can be identified as being the result of action or negligence by the landowner). We also contact landowners where potential problems are identified with a view to suggesting preventative action.

The Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group and the Somerset Wildlife Trust work in partnership with us and provide land management practices and sustainable solutions to soil run-off problems. Their role is educational and advisory and they carry their message to farmers and landowners through workshops, practical demonstrations and personal visits.

We are not responsible for preventing flooding to private property – that is the owner’s responsibility unless the situation is the result of something we have unreasonably done or not done.

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