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We offer season tickets which are valid for long-stay car parks, residential and business areas. These season tickets provide a considerable discount over the cost of buying daily tickets.

The availability and price of parking permits depends on which part of Somerset you will use them in. Please select your area to continue.

You can search for car parks in our Car Parks Directory.

Parking permits

Several types of parking permits are available in the Somerset West and Taunton area.

To buy a season ticket or permit please apply online using our MiPermit Portal – if you need help with MiPermit, email or phone 0345 520 7007.

To check if you qualify for a car park season ticket, please contact or phone us on 0300 123 2224.

Taunton and Wellington permits

There are different types of parking permits. They vary in price and cover 6 months. They can be bought throughout the year and used across a combination of car parks.

Long stay permit for £770 available in

Commuter permit for £660 available in

Wellington permit for £300 available in

West Somerset permits

There are different types of parking permits. They vary in price: 

  • shoppers short stay 2 hours – 1 year – £60
  • named car park – 6 months: £165 
  • named car park – 12 months: £220
  • district permits – 6 months: £190
  • district permits – 12 months: £330
  • business district permits – 6 months: £235
  • business district permits – 12 months: £425
  • parking permit – 1 hour permit (9am to 10am) – 6 months: £30
  • weekly permit – via PayByPhone: £25
  • any Dulverton car park – 6 months: £165
  • any Watchet car park – 12 months: £220

To buy shoppers short stay or the 1 hour district permit, go to the location filter on the ‘Season ticket’ section of the MiPermit portal and chose from the drop down menu.

Parking permit locations

Permits can be purchased for use in these car parks:

  • Minehead: Quay West, Warren Road Upper, Clanville, Alexandra Road and North Road
  • Porlock: Porlock Central
  • Dunster: Dunster Steep and Park Street
  • Williton: Williton Central
  • Watchet: Anchor Street, Market Street, Harbour Road, Swain Street and West Pier
  • Dulverton: Exmoor House, Lion Stables and Guildhall

Shoppers short stay permit is not valid in:

  • Dunster: Park Street
  • Watchet: Swain Street and Harbour Road

Parking permits are not valid in:

  • Summerland car park, Minehead
  • Doverhay car park, Porlock – except Doverhay permit holders
  • Parsons Street car park, Porlock – except Parsons Street permit holders

How to apply

With effect from March 2021 parking permits are available for application, payment and administration online.

Parking permits will become “virtual” as with your vehicle road fund licence. Council enforcement officers will check the database to ensure the parked vehicle has a valid virtual parking permit.

Please purchase or renew your parking permit by following the link below.

Residential parking permits

Please purchase or renew your parking permit by following the link below.

If you require help with MiPermit, please e-mail or phone 0345 520 7007.

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