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If your badge is lost, stolen or damaged you must contact us to cancel your badge so that it is not used by anyone else. You can apply using the button below. You do not need to provide a new photo.

A replacement Blue Badge costs £10

This form is for replacement badges only – not renewals.

Request a replacement Blue Badge

This form has 2 pages and will take approximately 5 minutes to complete.

You can only use this service if you need a replacement Blue Badge. If your badge is due to expire, please see our ‘Apply for or renew a Blue Badge’ page

When we have received your application and payment we will order you a replacement badge – which you should receive within 28 days.

Cancelled badges cannot legally be used and cannot be reinstated. So, even if you find the badge later or if it is returned, you must still pay the £10 fee, and a new badge will be issued. The old badge must be disposed of securely.

The replacement badge is a duplicate of the original badge – so the expiry date will remain the same. It will not run for another 3 years.

If your badge becomes faded and the details are unreadable, you must have a replacement badge. The replacement badge will cost £10.

When you have received your replacement, please return the damaged or defaced badge to us at:

Blue Badge Scheme,
County Hall,

We do not offer a drop-in service, so please don’t bring your application and payment to our reception area.

Blue Badge rights and responsibilities

Blue Badge – rights and responsibilities

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