Offers support to children and young people from birth up to 18 years and their families where multiple complex issues are present.  The Family Intervention Service (FIS) is a specialist county-wide service developed through the joining of established Team 8 and getset level 3 services.

The aim of combining these two services is to prevent overlap or confusion over roles and responsibilities, with a clearly defined service specification for our families, communities, and partners.

The service will provide increased flexibility over operating hours, and aid co-ordination by operating between 7am to 10pm, including a duty service for over 10s in crisis after 5pm and at weekends.

We have Family intervention teams in the four localities.  They work closely together with partners and communities to provide effective support for families experiencing complex issues with a better, more focussed use of the Council’s resources in meeting family needs.

The target groups for the service are families experiencing complex needs where at least two of the following needs are present:

  • Families with no member in work
  • Families where the child is not in education, employment, or training
  • Families with significant non-school attendance (for whatever reason)
  • Families with members involved in crime or anti-social behaviour
  • Families where an adult prisoner is due to be released and will reside in the family home
  • Families affected by domestic abuse
  • Families living with drug and alcohol misuse
  • Families where children have previously been open to Children’s Social Care, or are at risk of becoming open to Children’s Social Care without intensive level support
  • Families where children exhibit significant behavioural difficulties
  • Families facing eviction or with significant rent arrears or neighbour disputes
  • Families with one or more member of the household with mental health needs
  • Families where children are experiencing abusive or neglectful parenting that is impacting on their outcomes and wellbeing

The team may work with families where an individual over 18 has Special Educational Needs, is at risk of homelessness, or where younger children are in the home dependent upon team capacity and local managerial agreement.

Support for a Young Carer

A person under 18 who provides or intends to provide care for another person (of any age, except where the care is provided for payment, pursuant to a contract or as voluntary work).‚ Children and Families Act 2014 Section 96

Children and young people may be caring for a parent, sibling or other family member which can have a huge impact on their emotional, physical and social well-being. To request support for a young carer including access to Young Carers respite groups an EHA must be completed in which the role of young carer is identified. The Young Carer box (drop down) should be selected and the EHA forwarded to:

For any queries regarding Somerset Young Carers Service email

Family Intervention Service (FIS) Briefing document

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Specialist - This is for a small group of people with significant special educational needs and disabilities and their families

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