Working with You and Your Body for HealthOsteopathy is a manual therapy which assess, diagnoses and treats all elements of posture, mobility, balance and fluid health in all parts of the body. It facilitates the body’s own health, by establishing better movement and posture using different manual techniques. Cranial osteopathy is one of these techniques, and is a particularly non invasive, gentle method of assessing and treating; suitable for all ages including pregnant women, babies and children.Osteopathy was established in the 19th Century by A T Still, and cranial osteopathic techniques were discovered by one of Still’s students, W G Sutherland, shortly after. Everybody is unique and so every treatment is uniquely tailored to aid healing of what ever tissues need help., whether it’s in injury, inflammation, irritation, strain, or just doesn’t feel quite right.“To find health should be the object of the Doctor. Anyone can find disease.” AT Still, MD DO Philosophy of OsteopathyA stiff immobile spine can affect your gut and breathing mechanics, and vice versa, a change in breathing mechanics due to stress/asthma or long term infection for example, will affect your posture and spinal mechanics.Finding the health in these situations can help the body establishes better breathing by improved posture and mobility.

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Universal - This is for everyone, including people with special educational needs and disabilities

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Address Felicity Booty Registered Osteopath No 4674, Bramble End, Broadway, Edington, Bridgwater, Somerset, TA7 9HA