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Our Mindline Emotional support and mental health helpline is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Mindline is a confidential listening service which provides a safe place to talk if you, or someone you know, is in distress. We can also give basic information about mental health and local support services.

Our listeners treat all callers, regardless of background, in a non-judgmental way with dignity and respect. When our lines are busy, or closed, our switchboard can connect you to our sister service, the Samaritans.

As well as listening to your issues we can also give information about:

  • local services
  • how to get help
  • basic information on mental health issues

If you are looking for a helpline to talk to someone that will listen to you, Mindline has volunteers that provide a listening ear for you or someone you know.

When you call we do not trace our calls and your number will not display on our phones. We will not ask for personal details to be shared unless you or someone you know would like us to find immediate help from other services for you or them and that you agree to giving it. We will not pass on any information unless you have said it is ok to do so.

Our Listeners

Mindline volunteers are just everyday people like you who decide they can offer their time and support to listen to others. Some may have a particular interest in mental health, while others may be survivors or have looked after someone close to them who has experienced distress. The volunteers are fully trained and receive ongoing training and support. All have an understanding of what mental distress means for others.

Why some people may call Mindline

  • They need someone to talk to, to get things off their chest as they don’t have someone to talk to about whatever is on their mind
  • They may feel desperate and don’t know what to do about a situation or where they can go for help or support in Somerset
  • They may feel isolated or alone and really want to talk about their day or their problems with a person in confidence
  • They may be worried about their family or friends and don’t know where they can find help for a family member or friend
  • They may have a low self-esteem or feel worthless

Mindline is also for people that may just want some emotional support and just want a chat with a friendly ear to talk about their day.

Type of provision

Universal - This is for everyone, including people with special educational needs and disabilities

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