The Vision Support Team is part of the Children and Young People’s specialist service (previously known as SPOT), SEND and Inclusion support Somerset. The Vision Support Team works with children and young people from birth up to 25 years old (post 16 young people will receive support in educational setting only with Education, Health and Care Plan).

The team members will visit the child or young person in their homes, pre-school settings, schools and colleges.

Qualified Teacher of Visual Impairments (QTVI) can assess functional vision. This can provide information about the child or young person’s vision and inform strategies to support access to the curriculum.

Following the assessment, the QTVI can:

  • Provide information about the child or young person’s visual condition and how this may impact their learning
  • Provide information about strategies to support access to learning and independence
  • Provide information about adaptations and equipment to support inclusive access to learning
  • Provide direct support, teaching, training and advice to equip the child with necessary skills
  • Refer for Habilitation Specialist involvement

Habilitation Specialist Team

The Habilitation Specialist teaches a child or young person the knowledge, skills and strategies essential for independent living. A full programme includes mobility, orientation, route learning and living skills such as dressing, cooking and shopping.

The Habilitation Specialist can assess the child or young person’s mobility needs, develop, monitor and evaluate habilitation programmes, carry out environmental audits and provide child or young person specific training.

The Vision Support Team hold the Visual Impaired Register for children and young people in Somerset. You can contact the team about registration enquiries on 0300 123 2224.

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Information pack for the Parents of a child or young person with a Certificate of Vision Impairment

If you wish to receive this information pack in another accessible format, please contact: Children and young people specialist services on 0300 123 2224 and choose services for children.

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Vision Support Team information leaflets

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Targeted - This is for people with special educational needs and disabilities and their families

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