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Graduated Response Tool - Quick Checker Cognition and LearningYes / No
Lack of progress, even with differentiated high quality first teaching approaches which are targeted to gaps and barriers.
Performance levels i.e., they are below the level within what most children and young people are expected to work.
Difficulty acquiring basic literacy skills and knowledge, for example, phonics, reading fluency and reading speed.
Difficulty acquiring basic maths skills and knowledge, for example, number bonds, applying and remembering maths learning.
Retaining and recalling information—in the short and/or long term.
Difficulty in dealing with abstract ideas, applying from prior learning and problem solving.
Slow processing—they take longer to work through problems and tasks, but can do with longer time.
Poor independent learning skills such as the ability to focus, listen, organise themselves, sequence, or sustain attention ona task.
High level of dependence on adult support.
Lack of confidence, avoidance of tasks and reluctance taking risks.