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You saidWe did or intend to doThe difference it made
Service was invaluable and child had appropriate support in place from start of transition.Continue with the current support offered for transitions.Parents or carers and educational settings will experience smooth transition.
Exemplary support, advice, guidance and measured approach Very practical, understood school pressures and understood that the school wanted the child to be as fully inclusive as possible. Supportive and informative.Ensure staff are highly qualified and regularly attend training courses to keep specialist knowledge up to date.CYP, parents or carers and educational settings are supported by highly trained, confident and specialist team members.
Co-worked well to problem solve issues during the school visit.Maintain good communication links with schools, and continue to support joint working with educational settings and families.CYP, parents or carers and educational settings feel supported to make reasonable adjustments and meet the needs of CYP in the setting and in the care they provide children.
Provided helpful advice on new technology that will make a difference to our learning and progress.For PIMS Staff to continue with updating their own knowledge and experience to pass onto others. Enhanced training offer to upskill educational setting staff to support access to curriculum through IT.Educational Settings will have confidence to make reasonable adjustment and meet CYP needs in the setting.
Invaluable service, excellent brilliant, flexible. Helpful, practical. Able to be flexible and arrange a visit at short notice.Maintain our staffing levels to ensure availability of team members to CYP and their families.CYP, parents or carers and educational settings receive the support they need at the time they need it.
Feedback from a Children and Young People “I like it”Continue obtaining feedback from visits, for example from school staff and parents by using the feedback survey but also to encourage children more to provide their opinions.Children feel included in the decisions being made about them and confident to voice their own opinions which will be listened and responded to.