You said we did We did or intend to do The difference it made
We need to see staff more often. We need more cane training. To meet the CYP EHCP needs she needs more training. We are pleased to have support for our child but don’t feel it’s enough. Managers identified the need for additional team members and gained funding for additional posts: Qualified Teacher of Visually Impaired and Qualified Habilitation Specialist. Recruitment for both posts is now completed. Our service offer is in line with NatSIP guidance.
A Professional had difficulties with internet issues and found virtual meetings tricky. When arranging appointments we will try to ensure we check that the method agreed is suitable for all attendees. Intervention plans are a balanced mix between virtual and face to face meetings, depending on the CYP, family and educational setting specific needs. Everyone attending a meeting has the ability to participate fully to ensure their voice is heard. CYP, parent or carers and educational setting receive comprehensive support in a variety of means, to overcome COVID restrictions.
A CYP wrote “they helps me with my cane and I like that I can go out more” “I want to see them again soon” Replies to emails promptly. Maintain our staffing levels to ensure availability of team members to CYP and their families. CYP, parents or carers and educational settings receive the support they need at the time they need it.
Another Children and Young Person said I would like some contact with other visually impaired students In March 2022 we will be running a Blind in Business Careers event for Years 9 to11, in conjunction with Somerset Sight and Blind in Business. This will give young people in those ages groups the chance to meet their peers. To be reviewed after March 2022.
Feel very supported, useful advice. Pleased with the training to pupil and staff. Ensure staff are highly qualified and regularly attending training courses to keep specialist knowledge up to date. CYP, parents or carers and educational settings are supported by highly trained, confident and specialist team members.
Information on online and physical resources was provided. Adaptable, friendly, knowledgeable and approachable. Appreciate the help whilst in school and also with links, resources and support provided remotely. Staff to continuing updating their knowledge and training to be able to pass this onto service users and support. Enhanced training offer to upskill educational setting staff. For support staff, parents and children to benefit from updated skills and training. Educational settings will have confidence to make reasonable adjustment and meet CYP needs in the setting.