Saturday the 3rd of December was our last meeting of 2022 and what better way to mark the busy year we’ve had then to have an end of year party?  We celebrated The Unstoppables’ year; we’ve shared our lived experiences with many organisations to help Children and Young People with SEND be heard.

Our December meeting is not about work, we have fun after working so hard!

All our members were in attendance, and we even had Alice our Local Offer Young Persons Champion attend to see if she might like to become a member. We played games, made some interesting mocktails, hosted dance competitions on Just Dance (which Helix was undefeated at – they definitely had been practicing!), got creative with crafting Christmas cards and decorations. We enjoyed a lovely lunch buffet which included roast potatoes and pigs in blankets – yummy – and for dessert we had jelly & ice-cream in a mug!

After we finished our lunch, we had our ‘Unstoppables Big Quiz of The Year’, at our November meeting each member selected a topic and put it on a post-it notes, which no one else saw, so that all the topics covered were an interest to someone but also come as a surprise! Topics included Sports, music, history, maths, animals, and Robbie Williams. Helix, Orrin & Ella were crowned the 2022 winners – who knows, maybe it’ll become an annual thing?! ?  We finished the day off with some team games on the switch, the game of choice being Mario Party!

Our next Unstoppables meeting will be in February 2023 (04.02.2023).

If you or a young person you know wants more information about how they can join the Unstoppables, or be part of our work they/you can contact us via email ( or via phone/What’s App (07976 809 773).

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March 29, 2023

Chloe Andrews