The legal record of public rights of way is the Definitive Map and Statement which is kept at County Hall. You can apply to modify the Definitive Map and Statement if you believe the public rights of way are incorrectly recorded. You can apply to have rights of way either added (including upgrading, for example, footpath to bridleway) or deleted.

There is no charge to apply to amend the Definitive Map and Statement.

Applications must be supported by good historical or user evidence. If you wish to add public rights of way but do not have enough evidence, you can submit proposals for consideration under the Rights of Way Improvement Plan.

You can make applications to modify the Definitive Map and Statement under Section 53 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. We will investigate applications using key documentary sources as well as any user evidence that has been provided. A decision will be reached based on the evidence and will not always reflect what the application was for. For example, an application to add a footpath may result in an order being made to add a bridleway because of the evidence.

The guide to modifying the Definitive Map in the Downloads section provides you with pre-application information and the next steps.

To check the existing public rights of way network you can use these links

View the network and associated assets

View the Modifications Register

View the Highways and Commons Deposit Register

Or you can contact us to make an appointment to view the Definitive Map and Statement.