We are responsible for investigating reports about alleged cases of unauthorised tipping or mineral extraction. We are also responsible for investigating reports about breaches of conditions relating to waste, minerals or our own developments, such as schools, Somerset libraries, social services developments and new roads. Any other unauthorised developments are the responsibility of the district councils. We will deal with all reports quickly and efficiently.

Anyone can report a suspected unauthorised development. You can use the button below or make a report by letter, phone or email.

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If you make a report in writing, we will acknowledge your report. Our enforcement or monitoring teams will investigate the alleged breach of planning control. If a breach of planning control is found, we will take the necessary action to resolve the matter, either by negotiation or formal enforcement action. We will let you know the outcome once the investigation is complete.

We investigate unauthorised waste related matters, such as tipping, recycling, treatment of waste and unauthorised mineral extraction including peat, and breaches of conditions attached to planning permissions for mineral, waste and the County Council’s own developments.