Works to trees in Conservation Areas

The designation of a conservation area limits the amount and type of alterations and extensions, which can be undertaken without the need for planning permission. It also introduces control over work to trees.

Conservation Areas 

All trees in conservation areas are protected from unnecessary felling or lopping.  If you live in a conservation area you are required to notify us six weeks in advance of any such work through the standard planning application process. Failure to apply and to cause unlawful works to trees is an offence and can result in fines of up to £20,000.

The 6 week notice period gives Somerset Council time to assess if the tree is worthy of TPO status. The Council may make the tree the subject of a Tree Preservation Order and thereby fully protect the tree. It is an offence to carry out the work without the consent of Somerset Council.

Forms to give notice can be found on the Planning Portal website. It is helpful to provide photos of the tree(s) with your application.

Last reviewed: March 21, 2023 by James

Next review due: September 21, 2023

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