The England Coast Path between Watchet and Blue Anchor has been fully reopened, with only a short diversion at Cleeve Hill owing to cliff instability. For more information, maps or gpx files of alternative routes see – Closures and diversions.

The England Coast Path is a new walking route that will follow the entire coast of England. For the first time people will have the right of access around all our open coast. The path is being opened in sections but will, when completed, be the longest coastal path in the world at 2,795 miles or 4,500 kilometres.

Here in Somerset the England Coast Path is open between Brean Down and Minehead. To see other sections of open path, visit GOV.UK and check the progress map.

The England Coast Path in Somerset

The 58-mile section of the England Coast Path between Brean Down and Minehead takes you on an amazing journey along the Somerset coast.

Beginning at Brean it passes the sandy beaches of Berrow and Burnham-on-Sea and follows the River Parrett to the Victorian docks of Bridgwater before turning back to the salt marshes at Steart Point and the Bridgwater Bay Nature Reserve. Past Hinkley Point the beach and cliff formations from Lilstock to Blue Anchor are classified as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) offering an outstanding series of sections through our geological history. Taking in the seafaring town of Watchet on the way, the route shadows the West Somerset Steam Railway through Blue Anchor and Dunster to end in Minehead, the gateway to Exmoor.

To find out more about walking this stretch of the England Coast Path visit our sample itinerary on the National Trails website and download our short walking guide

Where you can go

In some places the England Coast Path also allows public access to the coastal margin; areas of land between the path and the sea.

Please note that conservation areas and other sites on the route may restrict access to the coastal margin, so make sure you check first and obey signs along the path indicating where areas have restricted access.

For your own safety remember that many sections of our coast are steep and may be unstable, while shores and estuaries in Somerset can have fast incoming tides and areas of soft sand and mud.

Just because the map says you can go there doesn’t mean it is safe to do so. Always take note of warning signs along the path.

Remember, when using areas of the trail on the beach always check the tide times and at all times on the trail follow the Countryside Code.

Closures and diversions

Cleeve Hill in Watchet
The England Coast Path at Cleeve Hill in Watchet is closed for safety reasons following an inspection of the cliffs on the route. An alternative route is signposted from Mill Street in Watchet, re-joining the trail on the B3191 at Daw’s Castle.

All users are reminded not to trespass in this area, to follow the diverted route, and to abide by the Countryside Code. While this closure is in place please follow the diversion signs on the ground.

Visit the National Trails site for more information and access to an online map and .gpx file of the route.

Hinkley diversion

There is a long-term diversion in place on the England Coast Path during the construction phase of Hinkley Point C.

While this closure is in place please follow the diversion signs on the ground.

Visit the National Trails site for more information and access to an online map and .gpx file of the route.

Dogs on the England Coast Path

You are welcome to bring your dog to the England Coast Path but you must ensure that it is under effective control at all times. This means the dog must be on a lead or if not on a lead it must be kept within sight and you must be aware of its actions and confident that the dog will return reliably and promptly when called. Dogs must always be on a short lead in the vicinity of livestock.

At certain times of year in some locations, there may be additional restrictions on where dogs can go. Please obey any signs on the ground and stay out of areas where access with dogs is not allowed or keep your dog on a lead when requested to do so; where restrictions are in place they have been put there to protect sensitive wildlife or reduce problems around cattle.

To prevent the spread of infections and diseases associated with dog waste always clean up and remove your dog’s waste from the area and ensure that your dog has regular worming treatments.

For more information and guidance read our Guide for dog owners and dog walkers

Report a problem on the path

If you encounter problems such as broken or missing signs, blocked routes or other access issues during your walk on the England Coast Path you can use the Explore Somerset map to report it. more information can be found here – Report a problem with a public right of way.

Please locate the issue on the map as accurately as possible as this makes it easier for the wardens and rangers to locate and investigate. Issues will be assessed and where necessary, action taken to try and resolve them. If you supply your email address on the form you will receive updates when the issue has been assigned and resolved or closed.

Circular and short walks

The walks featured here were created to offer a series of walks that take in sections of the England Coast Path in Somerset. They offer a great introduction to Somerset’s coast while also exploring the villages and towns inland. There are two types of walk, a series of circular routes for which we have produced maps and walking notes. And Storywalks – see below – which you can access using a smart phone and which provide a great family day out.

To see the locations for the walks download our Coastal Walks in Somerset leaflet

There are 14 circular walks and we have included a range of styles. Some take you off the beaten track to discover the wilder sections of our coast, while others visit towns and villages and offer the option to stop for a cream tea or pub lunch. We’ve even included some longer walks for those wanting to make a day of it.

Each walk has a walking guide that includes a route map and directions and is available as a leaflet from Visitor Centres in Somerset, or as an electronic leaflet that can be downloaded, along with .gpx files for the route, from the National Trails website

England Coast Path Storywalks

Working with local poet Chris Jelley, we have developed a series of Storywalks for families and small groups on the England Coast Path. These walks provide an immersive experience of the areas you are visiting using the internet.

For more information, see our England Coast Path Storywalks page.

England Coast Path Communities

If you live or own a business on or near to the England Coast Path we are here to support you. Throughout next year we hope to be working with local communities and businesses to help them get the most out of their proximity to the path.

We welcome your feedback about events or activities you’d like to see happen, or ideas for how the England Coast Path can contribute to your community. To get in touch email us at with England Coast Path in the subject line.

Volunteering on the England Coast Path

For those of you who enjoy getting out onto our coastline, you might be interested in the England Coast Path Trail Watchers Scheme. This gives volunteers the opportunity to adopt a section of the trail and to help us look after it. To find out more about the Trail Watchers Scheme take a look at our Rights of Way –Trail Watcher information on Somerset volunteering. You can also contact us at

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